We haven’t Forgotton Anne!

(A Brief Interview with Ingvi Snaedal about Forgotton Anne)

The creative minds at Throughline Games have cooked up something special. ‘Forgotton Anne’, a game inspired by anime and dark fantasy focuses on exploring narrative through the choices you make. At EGX Rezzed I spoke with Ingvi Snaedal, an Associate Producer for Throughline Games. In our brief interview, he revealed that the game’s focus, from conception, was the story. By combining the themes of anime and (European) dark fantasy they have welded together two rich storytelling cultures in a masterstroke of narrative design.

“Deftly written and designed, Forgotton Anne is proof that seemingly small, simple things are well worth treasuring.” Tom Phillips, News Editor at Eurogamer

Currently sitting on Metacritic with a score of 79 and a recommendation from Eurogamer. ‘Forgotton Anne’ proves that creativity, imagination and a well-written story, are key ingredients when creating an experience people will remember.

Forgotton Anne releases 15th May on PS4, Xbox One and PC