EGX Rezzed & Why Indies are Important

(Highlights from our day at EGX Rezzed. We asked attendees about their favourite game from the expo, as well as their favourite game of all time!)

Last month we had the pleasure of attending EGX Rezzed, the UK’s premier Independent Game Convention. This was our first EGX Rezzed, we weren’t disappointed, every game on the show floor was developed by independent developers attempting to pioneer new ideas or reworking already established genres. And on the train ride home all we talked about, is why indies are so important.


Being on the show floor, hopping from booth to booth and talking to developers is easily one of our favourite experiences. Hearing creatives talk about their passion projects, products they have spent hours, days, years toiling away at, will inspire anybody with a desire to create something for themselves. The majority of the time, these teams are small groups of talented individuals who have the dream and ambition to try something different. There are household names in game development: Kojima, Miyamoto, Druckmann and Howard; these are some of the auteurs of the game industry, all seem impossibly far away, artists protected by PR shaped bodyguards. Yet, at Rezzed the developers were on the frontlines, promoting their work and engaging with fans.


While big conferences, live-streams and directs engage the audience, being able to talk directly to the people creating the art you love, moves you. As creators, with a penchant for nonfiction, we enjoy talking to people and discovering what makes them tick. This is even truer when the conversation is about games. At the event, we spoke to a few developers, community managers and one extremely funny publisher. We played their games and found out what inspired them. And that is what means to be indie; to meet and know your fans. To share laughs and stories with them. All the while, creating something on your own terms.


Now, like always, we’re burdened with the time between each eventual realise and our next expo, EGX in September.

EGX Rezzed Best Games in Show

  1. Forgotton Anne by Throughline Games
  2. Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption by Dark Star
  3. Metamorphosis by Ovid Works