Professor Layton and the Unwound Future


Dear Reader,

Nerdworm is meant to be a site all about Nerd and Geek culture. I’ve spent the majority of my life being called a Nerd, a Geek and a Bookworm. I’ve always found them to be terms of endearment, therefore -NERDWORM- was born. Originally there was a few of us, but in the funny way that life works, I find myself alone writing you this letter. While the others haven’t completely disappeared, the vast majority of the words you’re going to read have spilt from my fairly large head.

There are three topics I plan to cover:

  1. Books – are possibly the only thing I love more than life itself. I’ve spent years studying them, caring for them and teaching children all about them; so I’m fairly confident in my opinions.
  2. Films – if books are my first love then films are following up; very closely behind. I’ll write about a range of films and cinematic extravaganzas, both old and new; live action and animated.
  3. Video games – now I’m a massive Nintendo fan and I’ve primarily gamed on Nintendo consoles since the Wii. I do indeed own a PlayStation 4, however, I will be writing primarily about Nintendo and games on Nintendo systems.

Now, you may notice that this revamped letter has come at the dawn of Nintendo Switch. As Nintendo plan to redefine themselves, I have found in myself a renewed vigour. I plan to write an array of posts in different styles; ranging in size and form. These will mostly verge on the side of essays (I like to research), critical opinion pieces where I’ll assess certain subjects and texts, as well as conversation pieces discussing a arrange of aspects dealing with the three topics above.

Lastly, I shall bid you Adieu.

I implore you to remember, a Gentlemen never leaves a puzzle unsolved.


Professor_Pep aka Nathaniel Pepper

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