Am I Not…

(Adam Jensen is strangely poetic and very brooding.)
Am I not the greatest actor?
In life, I have played many roles.
Scantily clad women, wielding immense power,
Boyish men with battle scars and broken bones.
Am I not the greatest actor?
In life, my feet have graced many stages.
Travelled to vast lands…
Many shades, many palettes.
I’ve dreamed and seen and conspired, to do great things.
I have been virtuous and I have corrupted.
Am I not the greatest actor?
For the emotions, I conjure are intense and boundless.
They reside in every afterthought, haunting slumbers
I reside in the wake of sleepless nights
Reshaping the nature of reality.
Original Draft 8/12/2017
Nathaniel Pepper aka Professor_Pep
Post Script:
For a while, I’ve been considering writing poetry about geek and nerd culture. I’ve struggled to find inspiration! This is the best of my latest attempts. While I enjoy writing opinionated essays about trivial subjects; my true love (in writing) is poetry. Mostly, my poetry deals with subjects like politics, philosophy, human nature etc (you get the gist). So I thought, why not try and write a little something about my favourite forms of escapism. 
I hope you enjoy!

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