Am I Not…

For a while, I’ve been considering writing poetry about geek and nerd culture. I’ve struggled to find inspiration! This is the best of my latest attempts. While I enjoy writing opinionated essays about trivial subjects; my true love (in writing) is poetry. Mostly, my poetry deals with subjects like politics, philosophy, human nature etc (you get the gist). So I thought, why not try and write a little something about my favourite forms of escapism. 

I hope you enjoy!

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A Gamers Trivial Dilemma!

looked upon the ‘OG’ PS3 with disgust. All the while, sneaking glances at Nintendo’s slim, slender and slick Wii; while silently punching away at the touchscreen of my DS.

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On… Nintendo Switch

There’s barely a handful of days until the release of Nintendo Switch, since Iwata revealed the new concept codenamed NX: speculation, rumours and hype have been rife throughout the gaming community. Who couldn’t help but indulge in the hype and speculation? most of us, debating and retweeting hooked on every crumb. And now with the release imminent and my perspective much deliberated over, I have an inclination to share my views on both Nintendo and their upcoming Home/Portable hybrid console.

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On… Pokemon

Pokemon has become easily one of the quintessential gaming franchise. After gracing shop shelves for over 20 years, a world without Pokemon and Pikachu not be part of the global lexicon is a distant journey back in TADIS or Delorean.

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On… Professor Layton

Before we look at the depth and the variety of the gameplay, the epic-ness of the soundtrack or the brilliance of the story; we must take note, that Layton is one of the most amazing characters ever conceptualised. Level 5’s founder Akihira Hino has cemented his place in the world of games, with a number of incredible creations; and personally I believe that Layton is the greatest of them.

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Playing Online

For the longest time I was completely opposed to the vices offered from online play: Fifa online… No, Call of Duty… No, online multiplayer games of any kind… No

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